It’s Not Too Late…

It's not to late and it's not to early to start, start by drinking water.png

It’s not too late. Skin is always changing, renewing, and turning itself over.  In a metaphorical sense, I tell this to myself because I have always wanted to start a blog about skincare and beauty but told myself I was being vain, and it would thrust me into the world of dizziness and chaos of choices, but realized I love it too much to stay away from it. Let me help you.

No matter how old you are: whether you are a teenager going through breakouts, a nursing mother with a dewy glow,  or in your 30’s to 50’s and still dealing with adult acne and now wrinkles, it’s not too late to start. But the point is to start and don’t stop. Give your skin time to adjust to the new routine and be patient. Now breathe and drink lots of water.

xoxo, Grace

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