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In the dizzying landscape of beauty products, gadgets and trends, I’m paralyzed by the vast amount of beauty options these days. A typical scenario will look like this for me: I  will walk into a beauty store on a mission to buy something I ran out of, and will spend hours inside reading labels, researching and talking to the store assistant, but I end up leaving empty-handed because I was stifled by the choices that laid before me and realized that if I don’t do my homework before I walk into a store, I will end up wasting time and money.  I was a closet beauty junkie in my younger years, but decided after wasting tens of thousands of dollars,  I would stop obsessing about my skin.. until one day when I hit my early 40’s.. my skin started to sag, lose color, and elasticity. I remembered one evening, I looked at myself in the mirror and was mortified by my aging skin. I decided I had to take action and started to fall back on the habit of my younger years: impulsively buying everything to get my skin perfect again. Well, I needed to hit the brakes hard because it wasn’t working again and I decided to research, research and research.  This is where the blog comes in.. my passion is to tell you what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to experiment and waste money. But really.. how is this blog different from the rest of the other beauty blogs?

I have lived in Japan, Korea, USA and Europe and have been personally exposed to all kinds of beauty brands and philosophies. I can personally attest to them because I have tried it all. What is the difference between Korean skincare and European skincare? What is better for my skin? Is the Anti-aging hype all it’s cracked up to be? etc.. I hope my blog can be a resource for you from the years of research,  and trial & error of my personal journey…


My name is Grace, I was born with oily skin, started to develop acne at the age of 10 and never left me until I hit my 40’s. I was plagued with acne, large pores, blackheads, scarring, etc. I had been traumatized by these events leading to depression, and low self esteem all through my childhood and college years. I have used various treatments: natural, topical, oral antibiotics, (Accutane 2x!) light therapy, diet and lifestyle changes, but they were temporary. My genes were stronger than everything out there. Unfortunately stubborn acne runs in my family and I was the unlucky one.. now I’m in my 40’s, and I still struggle with large pores, mild acne, scarring, and now wrinkles! (sigh) I’m doomed… but thankfully skincare through science and research has come such a long way and I am so grateful for beauty brands that has made my life more bearable. I’m here to share the journey. Read on!











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